Loudoun COVID-19 Deaths Spike

COVID-19-related deaths in Loudoun accelerated this week, with 18 new fatal cases reported since Monday. As of Thursday evening, there had been 48 deaths reported in the county. 

The vast majority of fatal cases, 36, involve patients age 80 and older. Another eight fatalities were individuals in their 70s. Three people in their 60s have died and one in her 50s.

While the fatal cases mostly involve elderly residents, more than half of Loudoun’s COVID-19 patients who have required hospitalization were under age 70, including one under age 10.

Nearly 30 percent of the patients who were hospitalized are between age 40 and 59. Two people in their 20s and 11 in there 30s also required hospital treatment, according to the state Department of Health.

Currently, approximately one out of every five people tested for COVID-19 in Loudoun have positive results. The statewide average is 15 percent.

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