New Beltway Brewing Beer Supports Healthcare Workers

PPE is no longer simply a reference to the facemasks and gloves that are critical in the fight against COVID-19—it’s now also the name of a beer that supports the frontline emergency workers who depend on that personal protection equipment.

Sterling-based Beltway Brewing Co. is partnering with Lake Ridge-basedWater’s End Brewery to create a beer that financially supports healthcare workers and emergency responders amid the coronavirus crisis. The “People Performing under Extreme conditions” beer features the same acronym as personal protective equipment.

Understanding that those healthcare professionals are working overtime in hazardous situations to save lives, the breweries developed the IPA—which features aromas and flavors of grapefruit, citrus, resin and peach and has an ABV of 6.4 percent—to sell and donate $6 from each $18 six-pack of 12-ounce cans to the Inova COVID-19 Emergency Preparedness Fund. That money will be used in part to purchase PPE for those healthcare workers.

The breweries are forwarding the first $3,000 of anticipated donations to the Inova fund. They plan to advance the next $3,000 after 500 six-packs are sold, another $3,000 once 1,000 six-packs are sold, and so on.

“We’re hoping we can give as much as we can,” said Beltway Brewing Sales Manager Mike McGovern.

McGovern said that between last Friday and Monday, the breweries presold 299 six-packs. But that beer won’t be available to consumers until April 25.

Brewery staff will be working next week to can and distribute the IPA, whether by curbside pickup at Beltway or Water’s End, or by delivery straight to customers’ doors.

McGovern said the brewery staff would deliver the beer all over Northern Virginia, with deliveries to specific areas corresponding with certain days—like Woodbridge and Stafford on Mondays and Alexandria and Arlington on Thursdays.

“The schedule is a little bit all over the place,” he said.

McGovern said the brewery also is looking to manufacture and donate hand sanitizer to Inova to go along with the monetary contributions.

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