Letter: AM Russ, Leesburg

Editor: Can the county mandate all local food market and grocery store employees to wear masks?

On my last trip to Wegmans, even the cashier, his face just inches away from customers, was only wearing gloves. Many instacart workers and produce handlers were also unprotected. I am very concerned about these persons’ health.

I know that authorities have officially suggested or recommended face coverings for all in public. But in these cases, I would like the government to step in.

I also see lack of protection a community health concern; we already know that grocers are a great place to share COVID-19. 

Since this lack of PPE affects everyone in town and possibly beyond, I definitely think the government should step in and mandate a mask for all of these workers. Obviously, not an N15, but at least a scarf. 

There are many local people who can donate non-surgical face masks after sanitizing them. I boil mine before giving them away.

AM Russ, Leesburg

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  • 2020-04-09 at 1:01 pm

    I’d suggest you bring your concerns to the store management, wear your own mask and gloves, and shop elsewhere if you think the store management isn’t sufficiently aligned with your concerns.

    I recently canceled my range membership after two years of questioning their practices. Once it was clear this business wasn’t concerned about my safety in their establishment, I took my business elsewhere.

    But I never once considered asking the government to make more control over my life and the lives of everyone in the community because I was uncomfortable.

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