McLellan Named Assistant County Administrator Amid Turnover

Loudoun County’s budget chief, Erin McLellan, was appointed as an assistant Loudoun County administrator effective March 26, according to Loudoun County Administrator Tim Hemstreet.

“Erin is a proven leader who for more than a decade has demonstrated exceptional ability and skill in her various positions within the county government,” Hemstreet stated. “I believe her experience, expertise and outstanding work ethic will serve the county well in her new role as a key member of my executive management team.”

McLellan has risen steadily through the county’s ranks, beginning in 2006 as a human resources policy and research analyst and most recently serving as the county’s chief financial officer and director of the Department of Finance and Budget. In her stead, Janet Romanchyk has been named acting director of Finance and Budget.

She will also step in to fill a gap amid turnover among the county’s senior-most officials. With McLellan’s appointment, one of four assistant county administrator positions remain vacant, with two people having left the job in recent months.

McLellan will step into the role held by Anne Lewis, who resigned. Lewis, who joined the county in summer 2018, will stay with the county through May 1, according county Public Information Officer Glen Barbour.

The county is still recruiting for someone to replace former Assistant County Administrator Kenny Young, who was promoted to the post in January 2015 and left in March.

The county’s four assistant county administrators and Deputy County Administrator Charles Yudd report directly to Hemstreet, the head of the county government’s administration.

The Office of the County Administrator also includes Assistant County Administrators John Sandy and Valmarie Turner and Chief of Staff Caleb Weitz.

In her new position, McLellan will oversee the Departments of Parks, Recreation and Community Services, General Services, Information Technology and the Office of Mapping and Geographic Information.

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