Donations Pour into County Protective Equipment Repository

Loudoun residents have responded to the county government’s call for donations of personal protective equipment with thousands of gloves and hundreds of masks.

The equipment is being sent to Loudoun-based healthcare providers and facilities.

Since the county began accepting donations on March 30, the county has distributed 2,725 gloves, 820 N95 respirators, 295 surgical masks, and 2020 gowns. Donated supplies may be opened, but must be unused.

County leaders warn that some groups or individuals are seeking to profit from the pandemic by soliciting donations of PPE and then selling the equipment. Donating equipment to the county’s repository ensures the equipment will be distributed to organizations with critical needs, they said.

The county is also fielding requests from Loudoun-based health care providers in need of personal protective equipment. Organizations that have previously submitted requests for and received PPE may submit additional request forms if they have additional needs.

To learn about making a donation, or to request supplies, go to

One thought on “Donations Pour into County Protective Equipment Repository

  • 2020-04-08 at 1:41 am

    Concurrently, LCPS should be providing and coordinating donations of masks for all school lunch providing workers and bus drivers. These employees are doing the frontline services for the administration and teachers. Protect them! Stress, distress and great fear. Good folks going to work is an ordeal for them. Messaging dissonance, stupidity, and people misbehaving amplifies the macabre pandemic.

    Why do individuals do this? Because of spiritual coronavirus called sin. It’s been epidemic since the first man and woman Adam & Eve disobeyed God.

    What we need is to have the sin irradiated. No amount of scrubbing with good works and “going to church” (we can’t do that anymore) will save you from spiritual death– eternity without God and Jesus. Rather to be thrown into lake of eternal fire!

    You need to come to the Great Physician Jesus who took all your virus of wickedness on the cross which killed Him though He was absolutely 100% UNINFECTED. God judged Him in your place so that if:

    – You honestly agree with God that you have the spiritual COVID-19 called sin

    – Believe that pure Jesus provided the ANTIDOTE for the outbreak when He conquered sin by being unjustly punished and suffered wrongful death on the cross for everyone, John 3:16

    – REPENT which means to be willing to self-quarantine yourself from doing sin not just for 14 days but for the rest of your life, with the powerful help of Jesus.

    – Then ask God to forgive you through His Son’s ultimate sacrifice on the cross for your REAL (not virtual) guilt of crimes against God and humanity

    then He will honor a humble, genuine, and contritious prayer. Jesus will come into you and give you eternal life!

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