County Signs Contract to Disinfect Jail, 911 Call Center

Just three weeks after the first Loudoun coronavirus case was reported, county leaders are pushing forward with efforts to disinfect government buildings of COVID-19.

The Loudoun County government has signed a $16,750 with local remediation and restoration company Green Solutions to sanitize the Adult Detention Center, 911 call center, and the Sheriff’s Office and Fire and Rescue administration headquarters buildings on Sycolin Road next week.

County spokesman Glen Barbour said the purpose of the contract is to prioritize 24/7 operational facilities.

That work will be done using the company’s patented and EPA-registered anti-microbial spray, known as MDF-500. Green Solutions Field Services Director Mike Cain said that once his company disinfects that first set of buildings, which should be complete by Wednesday, his team would discuss with the county which buildings might come next. He indicated he hopes to get further county contracts to disinfect all of the county’s buildings—about 200 of them.

“It’s a really fair deal,” said Green Solutions Company Director Mark Nicolini, noting that his company had been in talks with the county about sanitizing the jail prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. “Post COVID, we stuck to that pricing.”

According to a 2004 study by Sandia National Laboratories, MDF-500 kills coronaviruses within one minute of contact with a more than 99.99-percent efficacy. According to the Green Solutions website, MDF-500 destroys pathogens by neutralizing chemical and biological compounds without affecting the material it contacts, since it contains no hard metals or volatile components. After eight hours of contact, the chemical becomes completely inert. It also carries a Zero Hazard Rating, while common household bleach carries a 4 Hazard Rating, Cain said.

“Based on independent lab testing by Sandia National Laboratories, we know that it kills coronaviruses,” Nicolini said.

Cain said his team would use about 60 gallons of the product to disinfect the jail, and will use at least 600 gallons to sanitize all county government buildings, if the county extends the contract to include all of them.

To achieve that, the Green Solutions team will pour the chemical into a fogging machine, which, Cain said, sprays out a fine atomized mist, spreads around each room and creates a microscopic film that remains on surfaces and can’t be wiped off by other cleaning products. The one-time treatment is expected to minimize re-contamination over 21 days, according to the county.

“This is going to get behind every cabinet and in every nook and cranny because it’s such a fine mist,” Cain said.

As the team disinfects the jail, they’ll also be training guards on proper use of the product so that they can use it later on.

MDF-500—which Green Solutions uses mainly to deactivate mold, bacteria and other toxins at various jobs around the region—is effective against pathogens like norovirus, Ebola, influenza and SARS. According to Cain, Span-World, Green Solutions’ parent company, has produced the chemical since 1996, when it was called MDF-200 and was used primarily by the Secret Service. 

Cain said production stepped up in the post-9/11 era in conjunction with the State Department, the Department of Energy and the Department of Defense, when the government sought a product to kill anthrax and other chemical warfare toxins. Cain said Span-World holds the patent on and is the master distributor of MDF-500.

Cain said his team is looking to help save lives amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“We’re hoping that we can make a difference here,” he said. “That’s our goal.”

Green Solutions will begin disinfecting Loudoun government buildings on April 6 using MDF-500—a chemical proven by Sandia National Laboratories to kill coronaviruses. [Patrick Szabo/Loudoun Now]

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