Loudoun Constitutional Office Cooperative Agreements Renewed

County supervisors have approved renewed cooperative agreements with the Clerk of the Circuit Court, the Commissioner of the Revenue, and the Sheriff’s Office to oversee those offices’ personnel and payroll systems, and in some cases bring them in line with county Human Resources policies.

Currently, the county government includes all five of Loudoun’s constitutional officers in its own payroll systems to save the administrative cost of having independent systems within each office. However, the three constitutional officers that have so far renewed their agreements this year exclude their employees from the county’s established grievance procedure. This will be the first year Sheriff Michael L. Chapman removes his civilian employees from the county’s grievance procedure; his deputies’ grievance procedures are established in the General Orders.

The county government also provides significant funding to those offices, and the cooperative agreement, according to a county staff report, ensures those offices operate under similar policies and procedures as those supervisors have approved for the county. 

Commonwealth’s Attorney’s and Treasurer’s cooperative agreements are expected at a future board meeting. 

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