Leesburg Expansion Plan Advances with Supervisors’ Vote

The boundary line adjustment process between the Town of Leesburg and Loudoun County marked another milestone last week, but the process is far from over.

At its March 3 meeting, the Board of Supervisors approved a boundary adjustment that will bring several parcels into the town. This came following property owners’ written consent, which the county board placed as a stipulation in the approval process. The 122-acre transfer approved by the board included the Peterson Companies-owned property for which the council recently approved a rezoning and four special exceptions—approvals that were a requirement of the owners’ consent—to allow for the construction of four drive-through restaurants. It also included the remaining portion of the ION International Training Center, which did not already fall within town limits, and 100 acres of town-owned parcels reserved for airport and stormwater needs.

There are a couple of more agreements left to be hashed out before the town can claim the full 500-plus acres in the Joint Land Management Area it has eyed for annexation. Much of that land in the Compass Creek development south of town includes a proposed Microsoft campus. Microsoft and Walmart still have not provided written consent for their inclusion into the town, and Peterson still has an additional 25 acres it has not consented to be included. AtHome, which plans a store in Compass Creek, has submitted its written consent to the town, but was not a part of last week’s approved BLA.

“We’ve made a lot of progress,” Leesburg Town Manager Kaj Dentler said, while adding that more work remains to be done. Much of that work revolves around dialogue with the property owners, which Dentler said has been largely favorable. On Monday night, the Town Council received a closed session briefing on the ongoing BLA process.

With the board’s recent approval, the 122-acre BLA must go before the Loudoun County Circuit Court for approval before it can be officially incorporated into the town. Future BLAs must have Town Council and Board of Supervisors’ approval, with public hearings at both bodies, before heading to court.

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