Kuhn Continues Conservation Push with Prosperwell Farm Purchase; Eyes Westpark Purchase

JK Moving founder and CEO Chuck Kuhn is continuing to lead the land conservation movement in Loudoun with the purchase of one of the county’s largest remaining family farms, with the goal of protecting the land from development.

Kuhn closed on the purchase of the Prosperwell Farm on Rt. 15 just south of Lucketts—perhaps best known as the home of Farmer John’s farm stand—in December for $8.5 million. He has since placed the 761 acres under conservation easements to protect that open space.

That follows similar purchases Kuhn has made in recent years to protect environmentally-sensitive sites and to keep agricultural land in production—including the JK Community Farm, where volunteers work to provide fresh produce to families in need.

“I am deeply interested in conservation,” Kuhn wrote via email. “Our county is beautiful and home to many indigenous species of plants and animals. It’s important to protect these open lands when possible and the Whittmore Farm provided that opportunity.”

Prosperwell Farm has been in the Whitmore family for four generations. John J. Whitmore last year made the decision to retire from farming. In addition to being among Loudoun’s leading farm families, the Whitmores also have history of public service. Both Whitmore and his wife, Teresa, served on the county Planning Commission, and he was a long-time member of the Loudoun Water Board of Directors. His grandfather served on the county Board of Supervisors for 42 years.

Kuhn also is eying an investment in another noteworthy property—one that has seen its potential development the source of many headlines and neighborhood unrest. Kuhn confirmed he has put in an offer in, also through an LLC, to purchase the Westpark Golf Club off Rt. 15 in Leesburg. The golf club first went up for sale in 2017, and initially was under contract by CalAtlantic, which later was acquired by Lennar, and was proposed for townhouse development. That project was largely opposed by neighbors, who bemoaned the loss of open space for more residential development. The Leesburg Town Council denied the homebuilder’s rezoning plans late last year, and it was believed that Lennar was going to walk away from the purchase.

Kuhn said he was still exploring what he would do with the land if the purchase goes through, but did not elaborate.

Among Kuhn’s other land purchases are the 87-acre Stumptown Woods property, which is significant for its system of seasonal pools that serve as breeding grounds for fairy shrimp, wood frogs, spotted salamanders, and Jefferson salamanders; and Jubilation Farm, which has two miles of Goose Creek frontage and is next to his own farm that is already in conservation easement.

He said he is always looking for the next opportunity.

“I am always interested in strategic land acquisition, whether it be for business or conservation. Having a balance is critical to growth and preservation,” he said.

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3 thoughts on “Kuhn Continues Conservation Push with Prosperwell Farm Purchase; Eyes Westpark Purchase

  • 2020-02-21 at 4:48 pm

    Maybe look at purchasing the property on Sam Fred that is so controversial..

  • 2020-02-21 at 6:51 pm

    What a guy! If I had the where-with-all, I would do the same thing and protect the county from anymore developers who only want to desecrate this beautiful place with more McMansions. If I see one more Carrington Homes signs plopped down on beautiful tracts, I will get physically sick! They and others just want to make a bundle and to hell with the what they are doing to the county. Go Mr. K, go!! You rock!

  • 2020-02-23 at 7:46 pm

    I hope the County uses JK Moving when they move the 10 families out of Selma after buying them out of their homes. He should be a full partner to the county based on his generosity and view of conserving farmland! Maybe the school system could also embrace this project by focusing some attention to animal husbandry sciences and agricultural sciences using this property as part of the instruction program!!! 🙂

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