Letter: Chris Manthos, Leesburg

Editor: We’ve become used to Loudoun Democrats demonstrating disdain for the voters of Loudoun. To Wit; their frantic effort to disenfranchise Loudoun voters from exclusively deciding who heads our law enforcement in our county. 

This week, House Democrats in Richmond voted to strip every Virginian of their vote, regardless of who you vote for. Instead, we should bow down and cede our votes to the whims of larger states. House Bill 177 is titled “Presidential electors’ National Popular Vote Compact,” and it works like this:

No matter who, we as individuals, or we as a congressional district and Commonwealth votes for president, it would be irrelevant under this legislation. All 13 Virginia Electoral College votes would automatically be awarded to the winner of the national popular vote. You have no say and no recourse. States with large populations would simply nullify our votes as Virginians. Every Loudoun Democrat in the House voted to cancel out your vote for president. Every single one.

Constitutionality aside, it not only strips us of our personal votes, it strips Virginia of any role in making our own unique choice. Voters in New York, California, Texas, and Florida would decide who Virginians vote for. Sound insane? That’s because it is. 

The goal is to negate the Electoral College – the process where every state has a say in a national election. It’s a violent backhand to the face to every Virginian. Democrats are effectively telling us, “you’re too stupid to vote for the correct person we demand, thus we’re giving your choice to better voters in other states.”

D, R, I, or L, every free-thinking Virginian should be incensed. What if a candidate who is soundly defeated in Virginia wins the national vote? Our votes would go to that candidate against the clear choice of Virginians, and we’d have no say in the matter. 

What are Loudoun Democrats thinking? They know they’ll fail if they used the process to amend the Constitution and eliminate the Electoral College, so they do the next best thing — sell off our votes to the highest bidder.

Our Democrat delegates make perfectly clear their raw contempt for your vote to be counted. This is disenfranchisement. Over the decades, I’ve come to expect plenty of extreme cons from Virginia Democrats. Selling Virginia voters to other states was never one of them.

Chris Manthos, Leesburg  

2 thoughts on “Letter: Chris Manthos, Leesburg

  • 2020-02-13 at 3:43 pm

    First off, refrain from a broad brush statement “Loudoun Democrats.” This is a state bill, not a local ordinance. But the point of the letter is well taken. This bill, if passed, will end up being a big mistake. Richmond should not play the game of, “we seem to be winning now, so lets change the rules for our benefit,” because you may not keep winning. My vote is my vote, and this bill takes that away. Bad piece of legislation.

  • 2020-02-14 at 12:27 am

    Lawgh is right. I did indeed take a broad brush. I believe, hopefully, plenty of democrats are just as alamed about this as I am when it comes to selling off of our vote. Thank you Lawgh for standing for the vote, fair and square.,

    Hb-177 is wrong. we’re being sold, and we shouldn’t stand for it.

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