Heroin Dealer Gets 15 Years for Fatal Drug Overdoses

A Sterling man was sentenced today to 15 years in federal prison for conspiracy to distribute more than a kilogram of heroin that led to at least two fatal overdoses and one non-fatal overdose.

According to court documents, Nedrick Lamont Johnson, 42, led a heroin conspiracy that distributed narcotics in Loudoun and Fairfax counties. Johnson and five co-conspirators obtained heroin from sources in Baltimore and the District of Columbia. Johnson repackaged the narcotics for street-level sales and arranged transactions with users. Then, he directed his co-conspirators to deliver the heroin, collect the payments, and return the earnings to him. In other instances, Johnson’s co-conspirators arranged their own drugs sales using heroin that he had supplied.

In March 2018, Johnson distributed $400 of heroin to a buyer at her home in Herndon. During this transaction, Johnson observed the woman was highly impaired, but nonetheless sold her the drugs. She was found dead in her home two days later. She had died of mixed drug intoxication.

In January 2019, Johnson distributed fentanyl to one of his co-conspirators to sell to a customer. The customer ingested these drugs, overdosed, and then drove their car into a parked vehicle in Sterling. Loudoun County deputies revived this customer through CPR and administration of Narcan.

In February 2019, Johnson distributed fentanyl to one of his co-conspirators to sell to a user. That customer ingested the narcotics along with other drugs that he had obtained from a second source. He died shortly thereafter of mixed drug intoxication, according to evidence presented in the case. 

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