Letter: Francine Works, Leesburg

Editor,  I was so pleased to read the article in The Washington Post, Jan. 15, that shared that the books that have been under so much scrutiny are remaining in Loudoun County Public School classroom libraries. It feels odd to be having this discussion and debate over something that doesn’t need to be an issue. 

I have written about this several times and I suppose I will never understand what the fuss is about. The books in question are not required reading. The argument that they are an affront to Christian values is nonsense. Without a doubt the best part of the article in the Post was the recounting of a conversation between a mother and her young son. Her eight-year-old son, a second grader in Loudoun County asked his mother “Why people were trying to ban the interesting books, with their big pictures, that he likes to read at home? What’s so dangerous? I don’t understand why they would do that.” After a pause she responded that she doesn’t know why. “Maybe,” she said, “it’s because they’re scared.” 

I agree with this mother. Fear and ignorance. That’s what this issue boils down to. While some books are still not approved, this is definitely a step in the right direction. 

Francine Works, Leesburg 

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