Leesburg’s Higher Orbits Wins Space Leadership Award

The Commercial Spaceflight Federation has selected Leesburg-based Higher Orbits as a winner in its 2020 Commercial Space Leadership Awards. The program recognizes leading innovators, investors, educators, journalists, and policymakers for their significant contributions to the success of the commercial space industry. 

            Higher Orbits was presented the Patti Grace Smith STEM Award for its leadership as an educator committed to scientific excellence and the expansion of knowledge for the next generation of commercial space pioneers. Higher Orbits has directly reached more than 1,200 students with an intensive two- or three-day program where students, many underprivileged, are able to work with an astronaut. It launched nine-student experiments to the International Space Station and recently began flying student suborbital payloads. Higher Orbits plans to fly at least four more student experiments into space in 2020.

Nominations were submitted by CSF members, and winners were chosen by a panel of judges consisting of its members representing all levels of CSF membership. This year’s winners will be inducted in the new CSF Commercial Space Hall of Fame and recognized at the 23rd annual FAA Commercial Space Transportation Conference in Washington, DC on Jan. 29 and 30.

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