Purcellville PD Investigates Incident Involving Middle Schooler, Older Man

The Purcellville Police Department is investigating a suspicious incident that occurred between a middle-school student and an older man last Friday.

According to the report, on Jan. 10, a 12-year-old boy was standing at a bus stop near King James Street and Skyline Drive when a white man in his 70s pulled up in a small car and asked if the boy was riding the bus. When the boy answered “yes,” the man drove away.

The student could not think of a neighbor who fit the description of the man in question. The investigating Purcellville police officer met with the school resource officer at Blue Ridge Middle School to make him aware of the incident. Officers also monitored bus stops for the next several days, but observed no similar behaviors. There have been no similar suspicious incident reports since last week.

Residents with information on the case are asked to call Officer Adam Barnhart at 540-338-7422, extension 102.

The Purcellville Police Department recommends parents discuss suspicious adult behavior with their children, emphasizing that strangers should not ask children for help, that children should avoid letting strangers learn their names via personalized items like backpacks, and that children should never get into a vehicle with or take any kind of treats from strangers. Also , the department also recommends families create a code word for kids to use with family members or trusted individuals responsible for them.

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