News Fees for Out of State Plates Take Effect

As of the new year, owners of vehicles with out-of-state license plates who are not otherwise exempt from obtaining Virginia license plates will be charged an additional annual license fee of $100. A $250 penalty may also be imposed on owners of vehicles that are not registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles within 60 days of the owner’s having established residency in Virginia.

Loudoun Commissioner of the Revenue Robert S. Wertz Jr. has mailed notification of 2020 personal property filing requirements to all vehicle owners on the county’s tax rolls. Those notices will include their account number and instructions on how to review and update their personal property tax records.

Residents can check and update their personal property information online at That will require their tax identification number, mailing address ZIP code and account number.

Personal property includes automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, campers, trailers, boats, motorhomes, aircraft, and mobile homes.  There are more than 369,000 vehicles located in the county. 

Residents should report corrections, an address change, the sale or disposal of a vehicle, or unusually high mileage as well as unrepaired body damage or serious mechanical defect since that may affect the property’s valuation or the number of months a vehicle is taxed in the county.

Residents are asked to submit all changes by Feb. 3.

Newly acquired vehicles or those recently entering Loudoun County must be reported to the Commissioner of the Revenue within 60 days of purchase or move to avoid late filing penalties.

            For more information or help with filing, visit, email, or call 703-777-0260. 

One thought on “News Fees for Out of State Plates Take Effect

  • 2020-01-10 at 8:22 am

    Good. Too many cheats out there with out of state plates trying to avoid paying their share.

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