Letter: Emily Ticknor, Aldie

Editor:  I’m not sure Ken Dattillo took the time to read the text of House Resolution 5132, known as the “Gun Violence Prevention Through Financial Intelligence Act,” before writing his letter to the editor on new legislation proposed by Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton. 

         This proposed legislation requires the already existing Financial Crimes Enforcement Network to issue an advisory on how “homegrown violent extremists and perpetrators of domestic terrorism procure firearms and firearm accessories for the purpose of carrying out “lone actor” or “lone wolf” acts of terror within the United States” and “the ways in which the United States firearms market is exploited to facilitate gun violence in the United States.” 

         Banks are already required by the Bank Secrecy Act to have programs to detect and report suspicious activity concerning money laundering, terrorist financing, or other criminal activities. 

         The purpose of the legislation is to look at how criminals are exploiting our loophole riddled gun laws and to keep us safer. That’s something reasonable people can get behind.

Emily Ticknor, Aldie

2 thoughts on “Letter: Emily Ticknor, Aldie

  • 2019-12-20 at 5:27 pm

    ‘Criminals’ buy firearms with credit cards from federally licensed dealers? I don’t believe the writer understands how it really works.

  • 2019-12-29 at 4:56 pm

    Something is amiss here. FinCEN cannot issue any advisory’s on weapons sales even if it tried. They look for trends in the financial world at the Federal/International level hat gun buying isn’t part of. No citizen in America buys any weapon direct from a manufacturer or in bulk. Wholesalers/brokers buy in bulk from manufacturers, and they sell to gun retailers all legal and proper, nothing for FinCEN to track. It is at the Point of Sale at the retail level where all the checks happen (police background check, ID. ATF Forms) on consumer side in addition to any measures a retailer might have above that. Most are bought 1 at a time over time. Most HVE/Lone wolf shooters did not buy in bulk using a financial network. The State Police and BATFE already are part of any transaction without any regard for how the item was paid for. This is completely different from an international cartel laundering money and moving monies suspiciously. Totally meaningless legislation that will never impact Federal or State LE agencies. No financial crimes being committed, nothing for FinCEN to bring to table. Local LE INTERVENTION upon social media/school staff indicators would be vastly way more effective, 95% of mass shooters were known and had posted on social media prior to. USSS shooter report that came out this year provides many ideas, but nah, she’s gonna go with FinCEN. Sorta like going to US Mint cause your local paper vending machine ate your quarter. ATF has already identified the top 100 sources of criminal weapons, and many studies prove that they do get thier weapons from other criminals, not gun retailers. Hence the name and career of a “Criminal”, or one who does not obey laws.

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