Humane Society Seeks Outdoor Homes for Community Cats

The Humane Society of Loudoun County has an urgent need for safe homes for a group of endangered local community cats that must be moved by the end of the year. 

         Because these are outdoor working cats not suited for life indoors, society volunteers say the ideal situations include breweries, wineries, nurseries, warehouses and larger residential properties with large garages, barns, or stables—places where rodents can be plentiful and mousers are welcome. 

         Each of the barn cats is fixed and vaccinated. The Humane Society will provide all the equipment, set-up, and advice for a successful transition. No adoption fee will be assessed, but donations are appreciated. 

         The barn cats are part of Humane Loudoun’s “Critter Control” program, a form of organic pest control that can help keep rodents away from grain and food storage areas while offering a more effective alternative than dangerous pesticides. 

         Those who own or manage suitable properties are asked to contact the society at 

         For more information about our other various programs and how you can help animals in need throughout Loudoun County, go to

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  • 2019-12-18 at 10:26 am

    I would suggest naming your program something different, as “Critter Control” is the federally protected trademark name of our company. Unless you wish to contact us to solve your wildlife problems, I’d change your name.

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