Letter: Robin Scott, Hamilton

Editor: Our justice system is broken.  By mental illness, poverty and racism, disability, trauma, and war.  People are torn apart by disease, drugs, alcohol, abuse.

 In far too many cases, these broken people are judged and condemned by people whose commitment to fairness has been broken by cynicism, hopelessness, prejudice and fear.  A large part of our society has struggled against inequality, abusive power, poverty and oppression.  Struggled in their lives, communities and in the justice system.  There is a strength and power in understanding brokenness.

Very few people know the power and discretion the office of Commonwealth Attorney holds.  When you learn that one person has this much power, it is astonishing and daunting.  Currently there is very little transparency in this office.  Ms. Wittmann runs on the merits of her high prosecution and conviction rate.  She will not divulge, however, that many of those people are the most vulnerable among us. She has personally prosecuted Autistic, mentally ill, mentally disabled, and abused women.  She cannot tell the truth, even about where she lives.  She has a reputation in the law community for being “a snake in the grass”. This dishonesty precedes her long before this campaign started.   She aligns herself with candidates who have racist, bigoted and small- minded views of what justice looks like.

  We need someone who will look harder for solutions to caring for disabled, abused, neglected, and traumatized.  To not only be tough on crime but smart on crime.  Someone who understands the inequity in the current Commonwealth attorney’s office, and in the justice system itself.  Buta Biberaj will bring integrity, transparency, honesty, truth, strength and justice to the office of Commonwealth Attorney.  

Justice is truth in action and it is not blind.  Buta Biberaj will keep our communities and children safe. There is no one better to serve our commonwealth, which is why I will vote for Buta Biberaj November 5th!

Robin Scott, Hamilton

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