Letter: Dave Canham

Editor:  Buta Biberaj, who is running as the Democratic nominee for Commonwealth’s Attorney, gives me great concern.

Her “experience” is from defending some of the most vile criminals that plague our community and has gone so far as to say that locking up criminals is “antiquated” and a “waste of resources.” This is a very dangerous position for the top law enforcement official of our community to take.     

Her recent campaign literature is appalling regarding her ignorance and willingness to lie to become elected.

She has sent out two campaign mailers promising to “test every rape kit” in Loudoun County. She is unaware that bipartisan legislation passed in 2016 required that all sexual assault kits be processed and tested. For Ms. Biberaj to call it a backlog is a misnomer. Loudoun and Leesburg never had sexual assault kits sitting in property waiting to be tested while rapists walked the streets. The 2016 law required ALL kits be tested, whether the police department required them for their police investigation or not. For example, if a suspect confessed to a crime and pled guilty, a kit was then not sent to the lab to be tested, as the evidence was not needed for court. But the new law now requires those kits to be tested. Any detective in the criminal investigations division that requires sexual assault kit testing always has the full resources of the state lab for purpose of their investigations, despite Ms. Biberaj’s fear-mongering.     

Compounding Ms. Biberaj’s lies are her campaign mailers regarding the Jacqueline Mars case. She alleges that Mrs. Mars drove and killed someone in her SUV and that Nicole allowed her to “skip jail.” I worked at the Sheriff’s Office during the time of this accident. Ms. Biberaj is lying. Mrs. Mars was appropriately charged with reckless driving. She pled guilty with no agreements as to a sentence. The victim’s family was extremely kind and because of their strong faith, had chosen to forgive Mrs. Mars and spoke on her behalf at the sentencing hearing. The family implored the judge not to incarcerate her. Their feelings had an impact on the judge, who listened and chose to impose a fine on Mrs. Mars instead. Ms. Biberaj has chosen to exploit this families’ tragedy for her own political gain. It is revolting that in doing so , she can’t be bothered to tell the truth about it.

Dave Canham, Retired Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office Detective

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