Letter: Girard Gurgick, Ashburn

Editor: I enthusiastically applaud the county for launching the C-PACE program with the upcoming workshop on Nov 7, especially in light of the end of production for the refrigerant R-22. 

            The unavailability of R-22 will create a serious hardship for all consumers, both commercial and residential. While C-PACE will afford commercial businesses an opportunity to upgrade equipment at no cost, the same cannot be said for residential consumers. That’s why we need an R-PACE program in Loudoun County.

            There is a state senator who promised to again sponsor the needed changes to the state’s C-PACE (delete the “C” and 17 other words) legislation. SB 1400 was stripped of the R-PACE deletions in the House committee of Cities Counties and Towns last year.  

            Once it passes, then the county will need to include it in our PACE program.  

            My hope is R-PACE will make it preferable for residential consumers to replace their equipment with geothermal  HVAC and hot water and achieve a 50 percent to 90 percent reduction in carbon —for less overall monthly costs. Without PACE the extra costs of geothermal are just too prohibitive. Combine this with a PACE program paying for solar panels too and we have real substance to a green new deal.  

            For you lucky commercial properties, including farms, wineries, B&B’s, and even churches here is an opportunity for replacing your equipment with the really efficient stuff through this new county program. The Loudoun C-PACE Workshop will be held at the Loudoun County Government Center , Dulles Room on Nov. 7 from 3 p.m. to  6:30 p.m.Particpants will learn how their business can trade energy expenses for a capital investment voiding those expenses. C-PACE is a public, private, partnership program protecting people, planet and profits. 

Girard Gurgick, Ashburn

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