Virginia Cooperative Extension Goes Into the Classroom

Students at Sugarland Elementary School recently had their first garden lesson of the school year lead by Virginia Cooperative Extension Loudoun County Master Gardener Diane Bayless.  

         The theme for the program was “Observation and Classification,” focusing on the scientific process in the garden. Kindergarteners practiced using all five senses. First graders searched the garden for objects that matched their crayon colors, while second graders looked for living and non-living things in the garden ecosystem. Third, fourth and fifth graders focused on noticing fine details to increase their observation skills.

         Extension Master Gardeners are volunteer educators who work within the community to encourage and promote environmentally sound horticulture practices through sustainable landscape management, education and training. An educational program of Virginia Cooperative Extension, Extension Master Gardeners are supported by Virginia Tech and Virginia State University. Applications will be accepted through Oct. 25 for the Extension Master Gardener 2020 training class.

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