Beltway Brewing Hosts Last 2019 Buzzed at the Bee

Beltway Brewing, one of Loudoun’s biggest craft beer producers, hosted the last event of the Loudoun Literacy Council’s 2019 series of trivia and spelling nights Thursday, Sept. 26.

After an evening of fierce competition—and some light rules-bending—Beltway’s own Nick Carr-Voigt proved unbeatable. He gave up his winning spot, and Joe D’Angelo ended up the evening’s winner

He won a t-shirt and a growler fill.

At Buzzed at the Bee, the Loudoun Literacy Council’s evening of trivia, drinks, and spelling, contestants competed for prizes like growlers, t-shirts, and dinners at breweries and restaurants across Loudoun this year, trying their luck in categories like “Renaissance Artist or Coffee” and “Spell it Out or Act it Out.” Although this year’s season is over, plans for next year are already underway—and there is still the council’s biggest bee of the year, the Not Your Kid’s Spelling Bee, coming up. The big bee will be at The National Conference Center Thursday, Oct. 17 from 6:30 to 9 p.m. Tickets are available online at

Both events serve to raise money for Loudoun’s largest literacy nonprofit, which offers programs including basic English classes, GED preparation, individualized tutoring, financial literacy, health literacy, and job site literacy.

Additionally, Loudoun Literacy’s Family Literacy Program serves at-risk children and their families in the community through the federally-mandated but unfunded Head Start program in the schools, baby book bundles for low-income new parents, story nights and creative art projects at libraries, and other programs. Loudoun Literacy Council trains and relies on a network of more than 150 volunteers to support those programs.

The council’s evidence-based curriculum meets the demands of the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act under the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration.

About 32,000 Loudoun County residents have indicated they speak English “less than well,” about 30 percent of Loudoun County households speak a language other than English at home, and 61 percent of children in low-income households have no books at all. In 2018, Loudoun Literacy Council helped 330 adults get the literacy they need, served 1,600 children and their families, and distributed more than 12,000 books. English language learners are not turned away due to ability to pay.

Buzzed at the Bee is hosted by Loudoun Now Deputy Editor Renss Greene, who also serves on the Loudoun Literacy Council Board of Directors, and Mason Enterprise Center Small Business Development Center Manager Eric Byrd.

Beltway was founded by Sten Sellier in 2013 to fill a gap in the craft brewing boom—a brewery that, in addition to its own recipes, can also consult on and produce beer for other brewers that either don’t have their own brewery yet or need a little extra capacity. It turned into one of Loudoun’s fastest-growing craft brewing operations and, in April of this year, the company celebrated turning over its 30-barrel brewhouse 1,000 times, having brewed for companies across the U.S. and as far away as Brazil. The brewery’s beers have also won awards both for their own brands and beers they’ve helped create for other companies.

Beltway Brewing Company is located at 22620 Davis Dr #110 in Sterling.

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