Loudoun Teacher Placed on Leave Following Allegations of Past Sexual Misconduct

A Loudoun County Public Schools English teacher has been placed on leave following an investigation conducted by a private school in Washington, DC, linked him to credible assertions of sexual misconduct with students there in the 1970s and 1980s.

         Eugene Legg has taught in Loudoun County since 1995 and since 2016 has been assigned to Rock Ridge High School. He taught at Loudoun County High School from 1995 to 2005 and at Briarwoods High School from 2005 to 2016. 

         Legg is one of four teachers identified in an investigative report by members of the Crowell & Moring law firm, which was contracted by the Maret School to investigate claims made by former students there. Legg taught at the school from 1974-1989, served as the chair of the Humanities Department and, during his later years, as the head of the Upper School, in addition to coaching and various other faculty duties.

         The 64-page report included information from four former students who said Legg pursued sexual relationships with them while in school and/or following their graduation. Legg was fired from the Maret School in 1989, following a mid-year leave of absence for treatment of alcohol abuse. 

         According to the report, Maret School leaders reported allegations of Legg’s prior misconduct with students to Washington, DC Child and Family Services, which contacted Loudoun County Child Protective Services. Loudoun’s Child Protective Services advised it would not open an investigation regarding abuse that occurred outside of Loudoun County. The school then reported to the Loudoun County Attorney’s Office and asked that the high school where Legg was teaching be notified of the allegations.

         After Crowell & Moring presented its findings to Maret leaders in August, the school notified Loudoun County Public Schools that Maret had received reports of inappropriate sexual contact and grooming of students by Legg, when he was a faculty member at the School and that 

investigators had received credible reports of Legg’s misconduct involving four Maret students, and provided the timeframe for the conduct.

         The report was released publicly on Thursday, Sept. 19. 

         On Friday, Superintendent Eric Williams issued a statement to parents.

         “You may see news stories later today that reference a Loudoun County Public Schools high school teacher who was accused of misconduct that allegedly occurred more than 24 years ago, before he worked for LCPS. We are aware of no allegations of misconduct during his tenure at LCPS nor any active law enforcement investigations, and we are seeking more information,” Williams wrote.  “I want to assure you now that the safety and security of all Loudoun County Public Schools’ students and staff is our highest priority. LCPS conducts background checks on all prospective new hires, including professional reference checks, fingerprint checks through national law enforcement databases for criminal convictions or charges, and child protective-services checks to determine if an applicant has been involved in any founded incidents involving child welfare. We take all reports of misconduct seriously, and clearly communicate our expectations for employee performance and behavior.” 

         Another statement was issued on Saturday, advising that Legg had been placed on leave. 

“Yesterday Loudoun County Public Schools advised all parents and staff about allegations that have been raised involving misconduct by a high school teacher more than 24 years ago, before he joined LCPS. This teacher is on leave while a full review is completed. This teacher will not be at his assigned school on Monday morning or for the foreseeable future,” Williams wrote. “We will provide additional information about this situation when possible. Please be assured that the safety and security of all students and staff is Loudoun County Public Schools’ highest priority. We clearly communicate our expectations for employee performance and behavior, and we take all reports of alleged misconduct by employees seriously.”

         Legg’s alleged misconduct was summarized in the report thusly: “We received two credible first-hand reports of sexual relationships between Legg and students while they were in high school. We received a credible first-hand report of an extensive emotional boundary-crossing relationship that lasted for many years throughout high school and into subsequent years, and became physical shortly after the student graduated from Maret. We received a credible second-hand report that Legg had a sexual relationship with another student that began while she was at Maret and continued after the student graduated. We received numerous second and third-hand reports of a boundary-crossing physical relationship between Legg and a student, which led ultimately to his dismissal from Maret. Finally, we received many

second and third-hand reports that Legg formed inappropriate emotional or sexual relationships with students during his tenure at Maret. A number of reporters noted that he chose a ‘favorite’ female student each year and developed an inappropriately close relationship with her.”

            The report states that Legg denied most of the allegations. “We contacted Legg to give him an opportunity to respond to the allegations. Legg informed us that he was an alcoholic while at Maret, and left Maret due to his alcoholism. He reported that he went into treatment while at Maret and has been sober for 31 years. With respect to the particular allegations, he acknowledged engaging in some misconduct with [the student identified in the report as] EL Victim 4, but did ‘not recall’ or did ‘not remember’ having a physical relationship, or any inappropriate emotional relationship, with any other Maret student. He asserted that he voluntarily resigned from Maret, and had not been dismissed by the School.”

Legg is a popular teacher at Rock Ridge. He was nominated for the Loudoun CountyOutstanding Teacher Award three years ago and selected to deliver the keynote address during the school’s graduation ceremony in June. 

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