Here Comes Westpark; Golf Course Rezoning Begins Review

A piece of property that has commanded major attention in Leesburg since its announced sale began its legislative review this week.

            A rezoning for the Westpark Golf Club property was set to begin review before the Planning Commission on Thursday. Lennar is requesting approval to rezone approximately 5.97 acres from B-3 (Community Retail/Commercial District) and 6.54 acres from R-E (Single-Family Residential District), for a total of 12.51 acres, to the PRN (Planned Residential Neighborhood) zoning district designation. The request also seeks to rezone approximately 2.33 acres from the B-3 to the R-E zoning district. 

If approved, the rezoned land would allow for the construction of 96 townhouses in the PRN District. A staff report notes Lennar’s previously announced intention to convey the remaining almost 130 acres to the town as open space.

 Since the sale of the land was announced in late 2017, initial community meetings between the community and Lennar, the purchaser of the property, have been well attended. Many neighbors, in addition to bemoaning the loss of the golf club vistas and losing even more open space in the almost built-out county seat, have urged Lennar to develop the land in the least intrusive way to nearby properties.

A trip to the Planning Commission earlier this year did not go the way developers would have hoped, with the panel recommending denial of a Town Plan amendment to convert land eyed in the town’s comprehensive plan for community office development to allow for medium-density residential. The Town Plan amendment has since been withdrawn by the applicant. 

More information on the application can be found via the leesburgva.govwebsite, under the Planning Commission agenda items.

One thought on “Here Comes Westpark; Golf Course Rezoning Begins Review

  • 2019-10-01 at 12:33 pm

    I’m sick of developers buying land and then pushing for rezoning to build more houses. If you want to buy land and build it out for what it is zoned for, go for it. But this insatiable appetite (greed) for high margin housing is nauseating.

    The town should have purchased the land and turned into into a park. The paved “trails” are already there. A lost opportunity.

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