It’s Back to Class for 83,762 Students Tomorrow Morning

Loudoun County’s 94 public schools will open on Thursday, with 83,762 students expected to show up for class. 

         The new school year also brings 800 new employees to the school district, although administrators said last week they were still working to fill some slots. One hundred of the newly hired teachers are Loudoun County Public Schools graduates themselves. 

         Students will be able to ease their way back into the grind. After starting off with a two-day week, they’ll get a four-day weekend next week because state law requires school divisions that begin classes before Labor Day to close the Friday prior to Labor Day. 

         The school opening also means a return of post-vacation traffic levels on area roads. Not only does that translate to longer commutes, but also heightened traffic enforcement. Over the next several weeks, the Sheriff’s Office will be conducting speed and traffic safety details around schools, including the use of speed measurement devices, variable message boards to display safety messages and marked and unmarked cruisers, as well as the agency’s motor unit.

         The largest elementary school class will be the fifth grade, with 6,409 students. The largest middle school class will be 6,694 students in the sixth grade. The largest high school class is the sophomore class with 6,793 students.

The Class of 2019 is composed of 6,379 seniors enrolled in the county’s 16 high schools. (Independence High School in Ashburn opens without a senior class.)

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