Supervisors Ask for Another Rt. 28 Merge Lane

Loudoun County supervisors are sending a letter to the Virginia Department of Transportation asking for more room for motorists to merge onto Rt. 28 northbound.

Rt. 28 in Loudoun County is the subject of multiple ongoing studies and improvement projects. Since February, VDOT has been working on a Rt. 28 and Dulles Toll Road/Dulles Greenway Study, toward which Loudoun County contributed $100,000. There is also an ongoing study of Rt. 28 interchanges, with proposals to address issues on the road expected in the fall.

At the same time, the project to widen Rt. 28 northbound from Rt. 50 to McLearen Road and from the Dulles Toll Road to Sterling Boulevard began in January, with work scheduled to finish in 2020. However, county staff members and supervisors say the fourth lane is not helping the merge and weave problems on that section of Rt. 28, where the ramps are too short and too close together, according to the recommended minimums of the American Association of State Highway and Transit Officials.

On July 18, supervisors unanimously voted to request the state to consider adding another merge lane from the westbound Dulles Toll Road to Rt. 28 northbound and a longer merge area at the Rt. 606 ramps on the Rt. 28.

One thought on “Supervisors Ask for Another Rt. 28 Merge Lane

  • 2019-08-15 at 11:21 am

    It is time to demand VDOT be fully funded by the state to maintain and provision ALL THE ROADS IN LOUDOUN VDOT is responsible for! The guideline should be to have no VDOT road maintained or provisioned below VDOT’s own published standards that it holds others to meet. That includes fixing the ditches instead of putting up high water hazard signs when it rains! That includes making sure roads that are supposed to be two way roads have at least 9 foot wide. That includes applying materials on the sides of roads like Route 15 north of Leesburg that don’t disappear the first time the road is snow plowed. That includes taking care of dead trees that can (and have) fallen on passing cars before they fall on passing cars. Loudoun sends a fortune to Richmond and then begs to get some back – NOT RIGHT and needs to change.

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