Submer Technologies Opens HQ in Ashburn

Submer Technologies, a leader in hyper-efficient immersion cooling systems, has chosen Ashburn as the location for its new North American headquarters. 

         The company comes to the heart of Data Center Alley with plans to help address the biggest challenges facing modern data centers, including compute density, energy efficiency, sustainability, rapid growth, and the high cost of construction and operation. The company’s immersion cooling platform is designed to address those issues by submerging servers in a proprietary dielectric fluid that has 1,000-times the cooling capacity of air, which it says delivers higher performance in less space at less than half the power consumption of a traditional, air-cooled environment.

         “The results have been nothing short of incredible,” stated Jeff Brown, Submer’s Managing Director of North America. “The SmartPod is the catalyst to game-changing improvements in the data center, and basing our North American operations in Ashburn puts Submer in the middle of the most innovative operators in the world.”

         Hyperscale data centers often contain tens of thousands of servers and operate as the primary hubs that run modern technology for research, finance, healthcare, industrial automation, government, and more.           

         “We need to be where our customers are,” said CEO Daniel Pope. “When it came time to locate our North American division, Ashburn quickly rose to the top of the list. The amount of critical infrastructure and the diversity of operators make it the perfect location for Submer.”

         The Ashburn location will be incorporated in Virginia as Submer Inc., a subsidiary of Barcelona-based Submer Technologies. 

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