Letter: Leeza Ahmed, South Riding

Editor: As a child of immigrants, I was raised by parents who came to this country for a better opportunity. So as someone going off to college thanks to these opportunities, it makes me sick the way immigrant children are being held in a detention center akin to campsin unsanitary and unsafe conditions. My faith as a Muslim reminds me: “And do not forget to do good to one another” (Quran 2:238). But it seems like our leaders forgot their humanity.

            According to the 1980 Refugee Act, one can seek asylum if they are facing persecution due to “membership in a particular social group” should be allowed asylum. These same people often cross into those who are fleeing to the US due to poverty as persecution from rejecting or trying to escape gangs can lead to fewer opportunities for jobs. As Dara Lind of Vox explained, this clearly states that “It’s legal to seek asylum without papers, and the US government is obligated under international law not to send anyone back to a country where they are at risk.” 

            So where is our morality? Why are we treating children in this way? The only difference between me and those kids and teens locked up is that they are placed in a highly dangerous situation where all the odds are against them because we are forcing those odds on them.

Leeza Ahmed, South Riding

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  • 2019-07-25 at 9:23 am

    Leeza, Many years ago during a Loudoun Crime Commission presentation by our Congressman Wolf I asked “if immigration is such a problem why isn’t it being addressed by Congress”. He said simply Congress does not have the political will to fix it. I sympathize with your statement as most of us are children of immigrants who entered the USA legally. Because I spent decades handling international business development for multiple companies around the world I can assure you that if our solution was to just say yes to anyone who wants to come to America and be a citizen including free medical care, free education and other support we would see MILLIONS from Yemen, Somalia, Syria, China, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and many other countries fly in for the party. Imagine how tempting it would be for countries to help those who were seriously ill to get here for the free ride. Visit Arlington Cemetery and notice the price many paid for our freedoms and democracy. The process of allowing legal immigration needs to be fixed and anyone in office who is not doing their level best to help fix it should never be re-elected in my opinion but there is a lot more to this than just fretting over children waiting for foster care while their parents case is being processed.

  • 2019-07-25 at 11:14 am

    “So where is our morality? Why are we treating children in this way?” Where was your morality Ms. Ahmed when Nabra Hassanen was brutally assaulted, beaten with bat, and then dumped in a drainage pond by a criminal illegal alien, well known to police? Why were you silent when a child was treated that way?

    Why are you silent now, with all of the human and child smuggling — sex slavery — that is occurring right this second on our chaos of a border? Chaos which Congress created, and refuses to address. Congress doesn’t care about children rented out to strange men so they can claim “family.” They don’t care about the morals of the smugglers or their industrial scale sexual assaults on young women. Congress doesn’t care.

    They’d rather dupe young minds like yours into believing their extreme left agenda that open borders would be good for you. In reality, it would completely erase the huge efforts your parents made to come to America for the “better opportunities” you spoke of. Educate yourself Ms. Ahmed. Don’t swallow the kool aid from just Vox. Read everything. Research. Don’t settle for the mindless gibberish your profs are sure to pass on. Question everything. Ask yourself why it’s a really good idea to allow into our country even a few violent predators, the likes of which, slaughtered Nabra, or Danny Centino-Miranda, shot down while waiting for the school bus right here in good ole’ Loudoun County.

    Ask your your Congresswoman why she doesn’t care. These children were murdered on her watch, in her state senate district. Make her defend her ‘morality and treatment of children. Don’t settle for the status quo Ms. Ahmed. Don’t go along with the herd. Research, question, read, and come to your own conclusions.

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