Snyder Resigns from Hamilton Town Council After 3 Decades

After serving for nearly three decades on the Hamilton Council, Michael Snyder has stepped down.

Snyder, 71, said he and his wife would be moving to a retirement community just outside of Philadelphia by the end of summer to be closer to their grandchildren. His final council meeting was June 10, when Mayor David Simpson presented him with a 1910 Illinois pocket watch. Simpson noted that the timepieces were made with so much pride that their manufacturers put their initials on the inside workings to keep from tarnishing the outside, much like how Snyder worked for the town the past 29 years, “tirelessly, behind the scenes.”

“I will miss Hamilton. I will miss Loudoun County,” Snyder said. “The second Monday of the month will never be the same for me.”

Snyder’s time on the Hamilton Town Council began when he was elected in May 1990. He said he ran for the spot because he was concerned about the town’s well system and wanted to find ways of providing fresh water to residents.

Since then, he’s helped work out a deal with the county to provide water to Kenneth W. Culbert Elementary School and Harmony Middle School and develop two new wells that are “extremely productive.”

“I have enjoyed my time on the town council,” he said. “It’s been good. It’s been good to work with the people in town.”

Snyder is the third longest serving council member among any town in Loudoun—serving six years fewer than Hamilton Town Councilman John Unger, who was elected in 1984, and two years fewer than Round Hill Councilwoman Mary Anne Graham, who has served for 31 years on the dais, although not consecutively. Graham was elected in 1984, lost the Town Council election in 1988, lost the mayoral election in 1990, and was elected back to the council in 1992 and has been serving ever since.

The Hamilton Town Council is considering five candidates to fill Snyder’s seat. Those are Planning Commissioner Catherine Salter, Board of Zoning Appeals members Mattias Caro and James Bourne, Century 21 Realtor Judy McHenry and Robert Beach, a new town resident.

Simpson said the council would meet Monday, July 15 to interview those candidates and make a selection. The appointed individual will serve on the council until a special election is held in May 2020. The winner will fill the spot for the remainder of the term, which expires in June 2022.

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One thought on “Snyder Resigns from Hamilton Town Council After 3 Decades

  • 2019-07-09 at 5:31 pm

    A friend, colleague and mentor, I will miss having Mike sitting across from me in council meetings. Rest well, dear friend, you’ve done a great job of setting things up for the rest of us.

    Craig Green.

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