EPA to Pay for Water Hookups Around Hidden Lane Landfill Superfund Site

            The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will connect 124 homes in the Broad Run Farms neighborhood threatened by contamination from Hidden Lane Landfill Superfund site to public water for free.

They include homes affected by groundwater contamination around the sit as well as the homes in an EPA-designated “buffer zone,” which could potentially be affected by contamination.

The Hidden Lane Landfill was a 25-acre privately owned and operated disposal facility north of Rt. 7 between the Broad Run Farms and CountrySide neighborhoods. The landfill operated from 1971 until 1984, when county regulators and courts shut it down because of groundwater contamination and because the county had never approved the landfill.

In 1989, the Loudoun County Health Department found evidence of the common degreaser trichloroethylene, or TCE, in the groundwater and well water of homes around the landfill. In total, 36 homes were found to have contaminated well water. Those homes then were equipped with water filtration.

In 2008, a 150-acrearea including the landfill was added to EPA’s Superfund list of the nation’s most contaminated sites.

“We are grateful to the EPA for this decision and while we advocated for the extension of public water to the entire Broad Run Farms community, this is a significant action that will benefit those residents most directly impacted in the community,” stated district Supervisor Suzanne M. Volpe (R-Algonkian). “I would also like to commend the dedicated and long-term efforts of Loudoun County staff as well as the Virginia Department of Health and the Department of Environmental Quality for getting us to this milestone.”

In May 2018, the Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to endorse an EPA-recommended plan for the site which included extending public water service to the homes in the area, at an estimated cost of $6.7 million, and implementing rules to prohibit drawing groundwater in the future.

On June 13 the EPA issued an interim Record of Decision, which commits to build a water line for the Broad Run Farms homes and indicates that the treatment of TCE in the groundwater “will be addressed in the future final remedial action” for the site.

For more information about the Hidden Lane Landfill, including links to the EPA documents and contact information for residents with questions, go to loudoun.gov/HiddenLaneLandfill.

Read the EPA’s report here. 

Loudoun’s Superfund Site Headed for Cleanup

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