Traveling With Sleep Apnea: The New Mini CPAP Makes Life Easier


As CPAP users we all know how beneficial our CPAP treatment is and how much better we feel after a good night’s sleep. Traveling with sleep apnea means packing up and dragging along your CPAP machine. If you’re like me, you ask the question—do I pack my CPAP or not?

To travel with a CPAP, we must pull out the power cord that we have hidden behind the bed, find our CPAP travel bag, which is probably at the bottom of the closet, make sure that we pack every component we need (mask, tubing, filters).

Even worse when we fly we must make sure to list the medical device as an extra carry-on. Then there is the issue of sleeping on the plane without your CPAP, worried that your snoring is keeping everyone awake and embarrassing your spouse. Even though I know better I tend to say, “not worth the hassle, I will be fine without my machine for a few days” and just leave it at home. Only to find that while I am on my trip, my daytime sleepiness and other sleep apnea symptoms start to show themselves with a vengeance. So why isn’t there a better solution?

Well there is!

The new mini travel CPAP’s offer the same great therapy in a much smaller size. They even offer some great added benefits. Like USB charging ports, overnight battery options, FAA compliance for in-flight use, waterless humidification and continued insurance compliance with your CPAP machine.

Comprehensive Sleep Care Center is now offering the opportunity to learn about our mini travel CPAP’s. We have two new models available from the best CPAP manufactures in the world. To learn more about the Mini CPAP & how it can change the way you travel email Richard at or give him a call at 703-679-0598.

The Comprehensive Sleep Care Center (CSCC) is one of Washington, D.C. metropolitan area’s most experienced medical practices for diagnosing and treating the many causes of sleep disorders in both children and adults. Unlike many sleep clinics, our sleep medicine team is devoted entirely to treating sleep related disorders, ensuring that our doctors focus on the issues that matter most to our patients. Each of our physicians are board-certified in sleep medicine and have devoted their entire practice to the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. Our sleep medicine team are experts at what they do, with extensive knowledge and experience in the very latest in sleep medicine. As an important partner in your health, our sleep medicine team works to uncover the answers you and your referring physician needs to ensure your best possible care and sleep health. Our team is committed to providing the highest level of comfort, expertise, and professionalism throughout your care.

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