Photo Contest Winners Announced

Loudoun Now’s staff judged a photography competition among the students at IndEd, a “microschool” in downtown Leesburg. It was the school’s first photography class, taught by local photographer and IndEd parent Alex Erkiletian. In keeping with the school’s hands-on approach, students built camera obscuras, invited guest photographers in a variety of mediums to teach, and raised money to buy cameras for the students who didn’t have access to one.

Each budding photographer took around 20 photos, and with Erkiletian’s help submitted three for judging. This publication is the first time they will see the results of that judging.

“I knew we would see a lot of talent, but I was still surprised by how good they actually were,” said Loudoun Now deputy editor Renss Greene, who was also one of the guest teachers.

Opened in 2016, IndEd serves homeschool families through personalized, project-based, inquiry-driven, community-centered learning experiences, and offers counseling to parents in getting the most out of their homeschooling experience.

Garrett Porter, age 13 from Leesburg, pictured leaves at Balls Bluff.
A picture of Pawpea by Henry Stember, age 9 from Aldie.
Maximus Erkiletian, age 12 from Hamilton captured a bald eagle in flight.
Katelyn Draper, age 17 found a view from a tunnel at Harpers Ferry.
Jackson Stember, age 11 from Aldie, captured his mother Tammy in an emotional moment.

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