Town Receives Alley Donation

The Leesburg Town Council this week formally accepted the donation of a King Street alley that it planned to undergo a significant facelift.

The council unanimously supported the alley donation as part of its consent agenda Tuesday night. The alley, located between 3 and 5 S. King St., was conveyed to the town by the adjoining property owners, which include China King owner Waily Whang; 1913 12th LLC & Madison Holdings LLC; and Kingdom Enterprises LLC.

According to a staff report, ownership of the alley was not entirely clear, requiring the adjacent property owners execute quitclaim deeds to convey any interest they held in the alley. The property owners also reached agreement with the town to accommodate the storage of their personal property and town trash and recycling toters in the space going forward.

Design for the alley improvements is underway. The project will address the current poor pavement condition and inadequate drainage there, as well as make drainage improvements to the intersection of Market and King streets.
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One thought on “Town Receives Alley Donation

  • 2019-05-31 at 6:16 am

    If the ownership/title is not “entirely clear”, then the “donation” has not solved the problem. The town must have the court determine the ownership and the town certainly knows better. This is just kicking the can further down the road. Shame on the town for this bogus patch.

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