Letter: Bob Moses, Ashburn

Editor: It is against the law to put up large or small signs within the right of way of any highway or road. This is Virginia Code 33.2-1224. The right of way is the median or part of road owned by us citizens and not private property and could be loosely defined by common land on the outside of telephone poles and utilities. Each sign could be subject to a fine up to $100.

The county Zoning office handles small signs (they go on request but do not have enough resources) and VDOT is supposed to handle large ones but they don’t.  These signs are ugly, its litter and they distract drivers.

Our supervisors will not address this issue with enforcing the law and collecting fines. If fact some supervisors are major violators. How can we fix this? Do not support businesses that break the law. Do not vote for politicians who break the law. Call your supervisors to update our policy and change county enforcement, call violators. Do not remove or deface signs.

Years ago, we had volunteers trained and supervised by the county to keep the roads clear. Each week 54 volunteers policed our highways. Those volunteers kept accurate records of signs and locations always following the law. Past supervisors quietly removed the program. Even Fairfax County now has a program to address this blight.

Stand up and join me in making Loudoun beautiful.

Bob Moses, Ashburn


2 thoughts on “Letter: Bob Moses, Ashburn

  • 2019-05-28 at 7:01 am

    Bob, I personally know you have been helping the community for years by reducing the volume of illegal road signs and abandoned post election signage as well. I also know these large signs are quite expensive meaning it is highly likely that whenever you pass a large (4 by 8 foot) sign it is funded by developer campaign contributions which unlike the two party sponsored candidates for Chair of the BOS I take no such contributions. So every time anyone sees a large road sign on the side of the road don’t vote for that candidate as they are really advertising they are bought and paid for by developers! Due some REAL DUE DILIGENCE before you vote on November 5th.

  • 2019-06-01 at 10:11 pm

    The latest abuse came courtesy of Mosquito Authority and their dozen plus signs posted in the medium along King Street in Leesburg. My hope is that ended with a nice big fine.

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