Adventures in Anonymous Art: Tryst Gallery’s Friends 5×7 Show Returns

If you’ve never experienced the thrill and adventure of buying anonymous art, this weekend is your chance. Tryst Gallery in Leesburg holds its annual Friends 5×7 ArtWorks show Saturday, May 4. For just $50, art lovers can pick an unsigned small-format painting or 3D work, then flip it over for the big reveal: is it donated by a well-known artist or someone brand new to the scene?

“5×7 is really exciting. The price point makes it accessible to anyone, especially new collectors. There are a lot of people who want to just wet their toes a little bit and get into collecting,” said gallery manager Kris Loya. “For newer artists, it’s a great way to have their work at a gallery and be part of the arts community. … We’re really big on community. We love connecting people.”

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Adventures in Anonymous Art: Tryst Gallery’s Friends 5×7 Show Returns

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