Letter: Jonathan Erickson, Sterling

Editor: I went to the town hall with Boysko, Umstadtt and Gooditus thinking this was going to be about accomplishments, que the music.

After short introductions and thanks these three took questions. One question was about improvements to I-81 the ladies blamed the Republicans for wanting to keep diesel fuel and  diesel truck registrations low over the safety of the road users. Imagine that.

Another question was about gun safety the ladies proceeded to tell us 70 bills gun bill including red flag were blocked by Republicans that would have made the public safer. Bang.

Another was Boysko telling us parental leave could be done at zero cost. How, you might ask? Well she was going to make the employees pay for parental leave insurance at a 50-50 rate with the employers who by my calculation would pass this cost of business onto the taxpayer. Ka-ching!

Political footballs, like the red-herring ERA vote that failed, would have accomplished nothing, blamed once again on Republicans. Headline: Bad Republicans.  Jim Burton was blamed for being a intimidating presence in the General Assembly because of his size. WWE anyone?

Safety net issues were talked about and only Umstattd was concerned with the cost for affordable housing, opioid and alcohol rehab center and those with disabilities—safety net issues that require tax dollars.

We were preached at about civil discourse, but if you insult me in a civil and kind way it is still an insult and I fear this was the last town hall I will attend. People I worked and voted for were made to be scapegoats for the lack of quality bills and lack of legislative experience displayed by our representatives to the General Assembly this session. We have a chance to undo some of the harm from the last election. We have all stars this time around and records to prove the lack political acumen of the incumbents Boysko and Gooditus. We have candidates like Fox, Minchew, McMunn, Sisson, Volpe, Newcomer, Beatty, Turgeon and Whitbeck, all better than their opponents.

Jonathan Erickson, Sterling

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  • 2019-04-08 at 3:03 pm

    There’s a reason why no one stepped up to challenge Umstadtt for her Leesburg BOS seat. While many may disagree with some of her policy positions, she does keep the best interest of Leesburg top of mind and does her best to lead in a responsible, fair, professional manner.

    Boysko and Gooditis are 100000% Partisan Hacks. Their social media pages are filled with bias. They refer to the “other side of the aisle” negatively over and over again. They wouldn’t know principled, unbiased leadership if it smacked them in the face.

    On top of that, have you listened to Gooditis speak? I mean really listened? She doesn’t know what she’s doing!!!!!!

    On November 5th, I’ll be voting for:

    Kristen Umstadtt for Leesburg District Board of Supervisors
    Randy Minchew for State Delegate, district 10
    Suzanne Fox for State Senate, district 33

    Vote for the candidates who are experienced, who lead responsibly and lead with principles. Umstadtt, Minchew, Fox.

  • 2019-04-08 at 3:31 pm

    Jonathan, I truly respect your views and certainly your right to express them but to broadly categorize all opponents are inferior when I know you were only referring to Phyllis Randall isn’t fair. John is an excellent lawyer and seems to be a good husband and great Dad. So am I! How do the party branded candidates measure up when the question becomes what have they volunteered for to help Loudoun without getting anything in return? Between a decade on the Good Shepherd Board, Crime Commission Board, School Board, Bar Board, Ruritans, Lucketts Food Pantry and other volunteer tasks over many years I’ve contributed about 40 man-years to help my fellow Loudouners. It is not a bragging point but it is a point of differentiation. When I state the BOS doesn’t do enough to help those who help others I am speaking from direct county experience. When I explain why the current property tax system is unfair or the schools are not trying hard enough to be financially prudent it is because I have decades of financial experience and even chaired the finance committee of the school board. I know you are a detail guy so feel free to distinguish all the candidates in detail. Labels are not critical for local competence as they may be for national consistency. We need better management locally. Don’t you agree that citizens of Loudoun should have much lower taxes rather than developers getting larger profits via higher residential density approvals the current BOS Chairperson just voted in favor of?

  • 2019-04-08 at 6:00 pm

    Boysko and Gooditis are enthusiastic proponents of killing infants at the very moment of birth by their ardent support for HB 2491. Partisan hacks, indeed. I question their basic human empathy. These two individuals are right in line with Gov. Blackface/KKK/Infanticide guy.

  • 2019-04-10 at 9:24 am

    Robert, allow me to apologize for not differentiating between you and the democrats. Back to safety net issues Boysko and Gooditus want to make Fentanyl test strips available at every convenience store for free, meaning paid for with tax payer dollars. This does what in the war on drugs you say well it alerts said junkie to reduce the shot they pump into themselves or die. As Wendy and Jennifer say never seek solution to a problem when we can invent new ways to milk the tax payer of their money. Preying and harvesting junkies for votes is a low I never thought I would see welcome to the democrat twilight zone.

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