The Big 4-0: Photoworks Celebrates Another Milestone

Downtown Leesburg’s Photoworks is celebrating four decades in business, with a special open house during First Friday festivities this week.

The anniversary celebration and open house will take place beginning at 6 p.m. Friday, April 5, at the 2A Loudoun St. shop. There will be live music and classic photos will be on display.

Photoworks is owned by husband and wife team Neil Steinberg, now a member of the Town Council, and KD Kidder. The studio offers photography, reproduction and restoration, digital imaging, framing and passport services, along with in-house workshops and lessons.

“When we first decided to open Photoworks almost everyone said we were crazy, that it would never work,” Kidder said. “What I learned and what I tell our students and interns is if you want to try something, don’t believe anyone when they tell you it will never work. Go for it!”

Kidder credited some of Photoworks’ early adopters, not to mention “the best landlord ever” Shirley Pearson and Kidder’s father who helped them buy camera equipment. But none of it would be possible without their devoted customers.

“We have so enjoyed our amazing customers from all over the world sharing family treasures and growing with the oh-so-special historic district in Leesburg,” she said.


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