Stone Bridge Junior Wins U.S. Chess Championship

Virginia chess phenom Jennifer Yu, 17, a junior at Stone Bridge High School, won the U.S. Women’s Championship in St. Louis last weekend.

She finished undefeated with 10 points. In the final round, she faced International Master and Woman GrandmasterAnna Zatonskih, a four-time U.S. women’s chess champion.

She is the first teen to win the championship since 2000, and recorded the second-highest score in tournament history, second only to Bobby Fisher in 1964. She won a $25,000 prize.

Her next challenge will be qualifying for the World Cup to represent the U.S. in international competition.

2 thoughts on “Stone Bridge Junior Wins U.S. Chess Championship

  • 2019-04-04 at 10:58 am

    Congratulations to Ms. Yu. I hope the people of Loudoun realize the scope of the accomplishment this young woman has achieved. Taking down a Grandmaster, and finishing only behind the world renowned Bobby Fisher in score!

    Winning the Superbowl MVP doesn’t even come close. The Masters.. maybe if you won 10 years in a row. In fact, I can’t provide an adequate comparison to fully articulate just how huge this is. People at Ms. Yu’s level are in the one in a couple of billion category. I want to know what she drinks, so I can get some for my kids.

    If you want to give your kids an advantage, teach them Chess.

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