Letter: Deborah Morbeto, Leesburg

Editor: Last Tuesday, March 19, an armed man was arrested at a local high school after having freely entered the building able to roam the campus for more than an hour until he was apprehended.

Neither students nor parents were given adequate information as to why a lockdown procedure was not performed either during the event or thereafter leaving people to speculate. Questions were being asked and rumors circulated, especially on social media. The safety of our schools should not be in any question at this juncture in time when mass shootings have sadly become commonplace events.

It is the responsibility of our school system to ensure the safety of the citizens on school property at all times. Mistakes were made last Tuesday. A gun should not have been so easy to bring into a public school. Now is the time for action. All schools need a solid safety policy that is strictly followed at all times. No one should be able to gain access to schools without their identification being validated along with the purpose of their visit. Mistakes such as the event that occurred last Tuesday need to be a thing of the past. Safety on school property needs to be addressed and implemented immediately.

Start following policy now and show us that changes are taking place. We do not want Loudoun County to become another statistic.

Deborah Morbeto, Leesburg


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  • 2019-03-27 at 8:10 am

    Deborah, Your point is well taken and excellently timed. What is missing is a countywide discussion of how to “HONESTLY” reduce the risk of a soft target being attacked. If you remember a few years back schools were closed due to roaming shooters. Please don’t assume that a shooter is only and always going to try to come in the front door of a school. When 2000 students are entering or leaving a facility there are an amazing number of ways a negative event can happen while that SRO is sitting in his cube in the Principal business office area not at the front door. While on the school board I made the motion to enhance the LCPS camera systems so no space is not watched yet it defies reality to imagine every camera is being watched by a security professional every minute of every school day. While on the school board I made the motion to add panic buttons to every school as only elementary schools had them at the time. Even this effort lacks completeness if the attacker hits the play ground area or a bus waiting to leave the school. We could provide wireless panic communication devices to all LCPS employees so if anyone anywhere suspects anything the police can at least be on their way. I have asked our Sheriff to consider using A.I. algorithm technology to insure deputies traveling around the county are deliberately routing themselves near LCPS locations to reduce this lead time. I would certainly follow up on tightening security appropriately if I were on the BOS. Being on the Loudoun Crime Commission Board as well as practicing law for 31 years allowed me to see the issues you are concerned about. It is the time to FIX THIS before a tragedy occurs locally. We agree!

  • 2019-03-27 at 4:35 pm

    Actually, the issue here is not about how to protect all the schools, Bob. The issue is that Tuscarora has so many problems including but definitely not limited to security. They start with poor leadership and extend through communication, trust, academics, valuing education over athletics, appreciation of the arts, student behavior, etc. Were you on the school board with the current administration at Tuscarora was put in place and all these problems began? That was a terrible choice.

  • 2019-03-28 at 12:07 pm

    YourNeighbor is correct. The problem is with Pam Brown the principal. She has been a problem since the school opened. Look at the sexual assaults last fall. Dr. Williams needs to reassign her.

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