Croll Won’t Seek Election to School Board Seat

Four months after being appointed to a vacant seat on the School Board, Chris Croll has announced she will not seek election to the post in November.

Croll was appointed to finish the term ofEric DeKenipp, who resigned in October. She will continue to represent the Catoctin District until Dec. 31.

“For some people, being a School Board member is a marathon … four or eight years of dedicated service. For me, it has always been a sprint. I raised my hand to serve last December knowing I would pour my heart and soul into this job for a year in the hopes of helping to make Loudoun County Public Schools an even more welcoming, safe, academically rigorous, supportive, best-in-class school division. When I accepted the appointment, I had to put my business, writing and other professional ambitions on hold,” Croll wrote in a Facebook post announcing her plans.

During a recent debate on the controversial proposal to add LGBT protections to the school district’s equal opportunity policy, critics of that change objected to having an “unelected” board member represent their interests. “I’m announcing this today because I’m hoping the naysayers will clear out and let me focus unfettered on the work I’m trying to get done,” she wrote.

She said her goals remain to improve transparency, communication and connection between the division and the public; to better support the county’s most vulnerable students; to better understand how decisions are made at LCPS and why; and to “shine a bright light of love over our community.”

“I don’t intend to slow down … in fact, removing the political chatter should allow me to work even more ferociously towards these goals,” she wrote.

2 thoughts on “Croll Won’t Seek Election to School Board Seat

  • 2019-03-22 at 9:56 am

    This doesn’t really make sense. She has no democratic legitimacy, because she was appointed and not elected. Thus the “naysaysers” are absolutely correct that she should not participate in or make changes to school board policy (she should vote present or with an existing majority on any proposal). I should note that only a moron would oppose LGBT protections, but the substance of the policy is independent of the fact that Croll is not an authentic representative.

    So I don’t really see how announcing that she will not ever seek democratic legitimacy resolves the problem that she currently has none.

  • 2019-03-25 at 8:31 am

    Yes it is a marathon. Yes you have to put your own professional interests in secondary position to fulfill the expectations. At our hearing you made a point asking if I would spend time with you to explain how LCPS decisions get made and some background on continuous difficult issues of LCPS. You never made that effort yet get frustrated after only a few months without even a major controversial boundary adjustment. If you really care about fairness then fix the continuing injustice to the Plaza Street folks who can’t walk to their nearest new school. Like many working poor in Loudoun they need to be addressed and supported. Waiting for them to appeal for a different school assignment is folly. If you really care about fairness then offer a motion to require all vendors who bill over the board approval level be required to bid for their contracts. Set up a meeting with Fairfax School Board to combine all commodity oriented bids so the costs go down for Loudoun taxpayers. Make a motion for the board to send a letter to all legislators in Richmond that Loudoun needs its fair share of sales taxes back for yearly school support and to contribute to the recently submitted $4.4 Billion school construction program. I would expect at least a study done to show how the first two years of the AOS Program can be spread out to all high schools so 2000 students can take this course not just 235. There is plenty of time during 2019 to actually get important things done other than deciding to not submit to the rigors of a campaign. As a resident of Lucketts area I expect my representative to actually make a measurable difference in positive ways .

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