Aldie Animal Shelter Finalist in National Contest

Friends of Homeless Animals, a nonprofit no-kill shelter in Aldie, is a finalist for $20,000 in a national contest and is asking for votes.

The shelter opened in 1973 and houses up to 100 dogs and cats, most of which are pulled from death row in other shelters throughout the region.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation has selected six non-profit organizations to receive from $5,000 to $20,000 in grants, competing to see which receives the largest grant. Website visitors vote for their favorite adoption story, and the shelters that provided those stories are ranked according to those votes.

Friends of Homeless Animals tells the story of Goliath, a mastiff suffering from heartworm when the nonprofit found him. Mastiff spent the next few months at the shelter getting treatment and recovering. He was adopted a short time later, but the adoption didn’t work out and he was returned to the shelter a few weeks later.

Goliath had a hard time fitting into the shelter—literally. With his size, he was big enough to give himself minor injuries pushing his head against the fence trying to get out. Having had a taste of home, Goliath could hardly stand to be without one again.

Then one volunteer, Elizabeth, saw him and asked about him.

“I kept reminding myself that the last thing I needed was another dog, especially a sad, drooling mastiff!” Elizabeth said, according to the shelter’s story submitted for the contest. “But I kept thinking about him.”

After a week, she and her husband offered to foster Goliath. It wasn’t long before Goliath—now renamed Henry—became a permanent member of the family.

All six stories and voting are at Voting ends March 14.

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