Letter: Renee Pillor, Loudoun County Women’s Republican Club

Editor: The events at Madison’s Trust Elementary in the past couple weeks have been horrible to observe. A runaway slave game and a black panthers protest are not what we want to see in our elementary schools.

Luckily, the events have been peaceful, but this protest could have been much worse. It begs the question: Why we aren’t protecting our youngest children more.
Why wouldn’t our elementary schools have a resource officer to deal with these issues, and possible threats? Isn’t it important to keep our national treasure, our children, more secure?

Having professionals in place to deal with volatile situations like this, ready to deescalate, and protect our children should be a “no brainer” right? Wrong.

We don’t have a resource officers in our elementary schools now. What is more important than the safety of our schools, with children of all ages?

Well it turns out that Sheriff Chapman and John Whitbeck, candidate for County Chairman, proposed expanding our School Resource Officer program to our elementary schools. I think that this proposal is incredibly important and should be implemented, especially in light of recent events.

I applaud Mr. Chapman and Mr. Whitbeck for this program and I hope that they will serve in their capacities and protect our children.

Renee Pillor, President
Loudoun County Women’s Republican Club


4 thoughts on “Letter: Renee Pillor, Loudoun County Women’s Republican Club

  • 2019-03-06 at 5:31 am

    This is so simple you would think Randall would have addressed this issue. Maybe she is busy operating “as a ceremonial head distracting precious county resources on ad hoc issues of distraction”, This is not a mental health issue so it slips through the cracks with our not so wonderful Chairman of the Board. It’s not a gender issue, a race issue, a poverty issue or a recidivism drug issue and until Randall is replaced we need a short term budget allowance to man our elementary schools with SRO’s.

  • 2019-03-06 at 10:17 am

    It seems as if the individuals describing themselves as Black Panthers should have requested a formal meeting instead of (as was reported) entering behind another visitor. However, I’m not sure how the presence of these African Americans, requesting a meeting with the principal, threatened children.

  • 2019-03-06 at 10:56 am

    Ms. Polkey must be unaware of what it takes (or is supposed to) to enter a LC public school. When I visit, I’m required to stand on two painted footprints and look into a camera. Upon recognition/or stating my business, only then am I admitted and required to sign in, issued a pass, or my kids are brought to me. I must also sign out. The door locks behind me. Anything less is completely unacceptable.

    Black Panthers are listed by SPLC as a racist hate group. SPLC is the gold standard for leftist hate accusations and innuendo. The contortions, excuses, downplaying, and stunning silence leftists and county leaders are exhibiting in this case is as sickening, as it is frightening.

    Had this been any other “group” dressed in black para-military outfits and carrying sticks that entered a LCP school without permission, it would have been national news, with people losing their cookies. Heads at Ed Ct. would be rolling. There’d be blue ribbon panels to discuss ad nauseam. We’d be told how we dodged the big one. The entire county, including all people, horses, dogs, and deer, would have been labeled hate central. Politicians would have been pushing each other to the ground to get camera time. We’d never have heard the end of it.

    But… this actually happens in Loudoun, and it’s crickets from county and school leadership, and all of the self-appointed local moral monitors. And now, Ms. Polkey doesn’t have a problem with it. Astonishing.

  • 2019-03-06 at 12:33 pm

    Nice statement in the letter, if it were accurate. The problem is, for years now, Sherriff Chapman has not requested officers in his budget be funded and placed in the elementary schools in the County. So, I guess the end result of this letter to the editor is highlighting Sheriff Chapman’s s gross neglect. Who needs friends, when your own team is pointing out Sheriff Chapman’s failures.

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