What is My Trade-in Vehicle Really Worth?

Did you know that the appraisal value of your trade can vary by as much as $5000 between various dealers? – You might ask , “How is that possible?” You’d think that with all the information available on the internet the numbers would be pretty close no matter how many dealers you went to. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Country Automotive group is the largest used vehicle reseller in Virginia among franchised new vehicle dealers. We routinely sell over 5,000 used vehicles annually. That makes us experts on Used Vehicle Valuations. Generally speaking, high volume resellers will pay more for your trade-in. They have economies of scale that make the reconditioning for resale process and expense more efficient.

Likely, you have entered your vehicles information into an appraisal tool – this will give you a general idea of the trade-in value.  But what really matters is:

  • The expertise and experience of the appraiser – you’d be surprised how many people there are working in dealerships, appraising trade-ins, that lack the experience and expertise to properly appraise a car. Hundreds of trade-ins are under-valued everyday by inexperienced or incompetent vehicle appraisers.
  • Market Supply and Demand – With Today’s technology, we know exactly how many vehicles like yours are on the market, how many have been sold in the last 30 days, what the average selling price was and what the average asking price is. Low supply & high demand means a higher appraisal – and vice-versa.
  • Vehicle History: How many owners, where was the vehicle registered, service history, accident history, open recalls and much more is taken into account.
  • Overall condition: Be honest with yourself, would you buy your car in it’s current condition? How much work needs to be done to make it appealing to a prospective purchaser? How much will it cost to recondition the vehicle for resale? Does everything work as it should? Does it need any mechanical repairs? Or body repairs? Or regular maintenance items like tires, brakes, belts, etc. The nicer your car is the more it is worth.

We take these items into account and use software that allows us to see similar vehicle values in the current market.  Our objective is to help you feel comfortable and confident about every aspect of your vehicle transaction, that’s why we’ll walk you through every step of the appraisal process so you’ll understand exactly how we arrive at the trade-in value.

We are the home of the no hassle sales experience. Only Country Buick GMC of Leesburg and Country Chevrolet of Warrenton can offer you a complete, honest, no hassle and transparent purchase or lease experience.

If you’ve never bought a vehicle this way before, we encourage you to come by Country Buick GMCor Country Chevroletand experience the difference for yourself. If you’re tired of dealers who play games like” bait & switch” or the classic “I don’t know…I’ll have to ask the manager”, come see us, we won’t disappoint you.

At Country Buick GMC and Country Chevrolet we are proud of our reputation and the way we do business. If transparent trade appraisals and pricing sounds like the way you’d like to buy your next car or truck, browse our selection of vehicles online, then come in and see us. We can’t wait to show you how easy it is to feel comfortable and confident about your entire transaction.

Every visitor to Country Buick GMC and Country Chevrolet will be treated as an honored guest in our home. It is our mission to provide each guest with a sales/service experience so positive and delightful that they will feel compelled to recommend us to their family and friends.  Every day, every time, without fail. No Exceptions.

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