Greenway Plans Toll Hikes of 10, 15 Cents

The owners of the Dulles Greenway on Tuesday gave notice of plans to institute a 2.91 percent toll hike for 2019.

The increase will bring the base maximum toll to $4.75, a 10-cent increase. During rush hours, tolls would go up by 15-cents, to $5.80.

Representatives of Toll Road Investors Partnership II filed the application after it became clear that all legislation that had been proposed during the General Assembly session to alter the way Greenway toll rates are regulated had been killed.

Under a state law adopted in 2008, TRIP II is entitled to guaranteed annual rate hikes of at least 2.8 percent each year between 2013 and 2020. The requested increase is based on a provision of that law that allows toll hikes based on the increase in Consumer Price Index plus 1 percent.

Rates increased 3.17 percent last year and 3.04 percent in 2017.

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