Huck Seeks 2nd Term as At-Large School Board Member

Beth Huck announced this week she’s seeking a second term as the at-large member of the Loudoun County School Board.

Huck, 40, said she’d like another four years on the board to continue the work she’s started, especially on special education reforms and improving communication between the school system and families.

“Loudoun County is a great school system, and we’re doing a lot of things well. But there’s room for a lot of improvement—and I think we’ve made progress,” she said. “I feel like I’m in the middle of some things that I want to see through.”

Huck pointed to several areas she’s helped improve in the past three years. She advocated changing the board’s communications committee from an ad hoc committee to a formal, ongoing committee of the board. As chairwoman of that committee, she helped create easy-to-read fact sheets on hot topics, such as kindergarten registration, boundary changes, and the budget process. She also worked with board members and staff to host a series of town halls on frequently asked about issues.

“We receive public comments during regular meetings, but we can’t respond to their comments so there’s no dialogue. I felt it was really important to open that line of communication up and be able to have really earnest conversations,” Huck said.

School Board member Beth Huck (At Large)

She also advocated for the creation of the Ad Hoc Committee on Special Education—a 19-member group made up of teachers, administrators, parents, and experts in the special education field who work outside of the school system. That committee’s work resulted in a first-time policy on the seclusion and restraint of students and a stated goal that the division work toward eliminating secluding or restraining students. The committee’s work also resulted in adopting a new restraining technique, called Ukeru, that involves surrounding an upset student with pads so they don’t hurt themselves or anyone else.

“It’s a much more defensive approach,” Huck said. “I don’t know if that would have happened without the Special Education Ad Hoc Committee.”

If given a second term, Huck wants to continue working to make Loudoun a leader in special education, as well as provide equitable opportunities for all students, continue to find better ways than standardized assessments to measure students’ retention, and provide more opportunities for project-based learning.

Although Huck was endorsed three years ago by the Loudoun County Republican Committee, she said she will not seek a party endorsement this time around. She said the School Board should be non-partisan and her mission is to represent all Loudoun residents equally and fairly.

Huck works at IT and innovation consulting firm Blue Compass LLC. She and her husband, Aaron, live in Brambleton with their two children, Caleb and Ella, who both attend Rock Ridge High School.

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