State Lawmakers Urged to Back Equal Rights Amendment

At their annual public hearing Monday in Leesburg, Loudoun’s state lawmakers heard were urged to support passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.

Local and state lawmakers both have seen a surge of support for the Equal Rights Amendment, an amendment to the U.S. Constitution first introduced in 1921 and since reintroduced that seeks to outlaw discrimination based on gender. Its supporters say Virginia would be the 38th and final state needed to ratify it, but others say there are as few as 31 states supporting the amendment, and that the deadline to ratify has expired.

“Equality cannot be left to the political whims of who’s sitting in office and must be enshrined in our Constitution,” said Kathy Stewart Shupe.

Many of the people who signed up to speak at the public hearing pushed lawmakers to support the Equal Rights Amendment, drawing on their own various backgrounds in the workforce and military and the history of unequal rights and wages for women.

“We need to shore up sex discrimination and harassment laws,” said Brenda Bengtson. “Men deserve a fair shake when they are caretakers or in custody disputes or seeking benefits. And women are still harassed. Under the Equal Rights Amendment, courts will review carefully any government sex discrimination, giving it the same strong review as discrimination based on race, on religion or national origin.”

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  • 2018-12-19 at 3:40 pm

    Be very careful what you wish for. No one has equal rights in this world. Life and the free market sort out what you are worth in terms of the goods and services you can provide. If you want equal pay, then earn it but no one should want men and women to be equal. If men and women were to be made equal,shouldn’t required to fill all of the armed forces positions for the forseeable future until their number of deaths equal those of men? Should women fill all of the jobs that men take on that women don’t want or can’t do: garbage man, septic tank emptier, construction, farmer, fisherman? Equal pay goes both ways. So shouldn’t men get equal pay and opportunities as supermodels and as actors in adult films and pole dancers? Should men get their social security earlier and in greater amount than women because they don’t live as long and commit suicide in much greater numbers? Should women get the choice to have an abortion without the consent of the man involved? Shouldn’t men be awarded equal custody of children in a divorce proceeding and not be forced into jail for failing to pay child support? Should men have to pay the cost of courtship since they take all the risk of getting jailed for alleged sexual misdeeds? Should prostate cancer cures be as well-funded as abortion and breast cancer? Should men be let out of prison so that the inmate population is equal between the sexes? Should women be prohibited from wearing make-up as it unfair to men? And how about the horrible unfairness of women’s fashion? It’s so expensive. Why don’t we just save women the costs of all of this bother and make everyone wear the same clothes and have the same haircut? This will save them so much money and everyone will be equal. And we don’t need marriages or children since men can’t have them and because marriage is so unfair to men. Sounds great ….

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