Letter: Gene and Gina Wooden, Sterling

Editor: On Jan. 8 with your help Joe May will be elected senator of the 33rd District. On Jan. 9 he will be working from Richmond as our representative.

After 20 years as a delegate and with his knowledge of current issues Joe is up to speed and ready to vote on the issues first day of the session, if need be.

Joe has support from even those he has run against like Republican Party of Virginia Chairman John Whitbeck and Del. David LaRock; naturally the Democrats align by the letter after the name and not the substance of the candidates work.

Joe will work on transportation, engineering roads not genders.

Joe will keep NVTA monies here in Northern Virginia using them for roads and stop the Virginia Assembly from taxing us twice for Metro.

My father, Gene Wooden, a World War II Veteran of the U.S. Navy says to vote for Joe May on 01-08-19 even if Joe is Army.

Neither Russia or Facebook influenced Gene.

Gene and Gina Wooden, Sterling


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