Letter: Jonathan Erickson, Sterling

Editor: Joe May, a private citizen running for the 33rd District Senate seat donates $5 million from his foundation (not to be mentioned with the Clinton Foundation) to first time college students from families with no college graduates. Talk about mind altering.

Bezos gives $5 million to pay rent for low wage earners. Both are commendable, but Joe May’s money pays for a life-changing gift, the other a handout with temporary results. The difference Joe May’s gift makes is easy to understand at minimum, if a high school graduate makes a $100, the engineer graduate makes $166 or 66 percent more. That is a lofty goal that benefits the student/engineer and society.  In football-speak$ 5 million funds enough student/players for a starting offense a starting defense and 10 special teamers for four years.

No one asked Joe’s age when he made the donation just as it is not an issue in this election. Wise investments are what government should be about after all it is taxpayer money being used. This is a shining example of a hand up. Joe May’s acumen and getting bang for the buck is what is needed in the Virginia Senate.

Joe May produces. If it ain’t there, he invents it, that is what engineers and future state senators do.

Vote for Joe May.

Jonathan Erickson, Sterling


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