Letter: Michael Farris, Purcellville

Editor:  Yes, there were misrepresentations regarding the proposed lobbying agenda for Loudoun County School Board. But the central misrepresentations were made by members of the Board.

They claimed in emails sent to people like me that they were not proposing a repeal of the religious exemption alternative for homeschooling.

Currently there are two methods for homeschooling under Virginia law. Either a family obtains a religious exemption or it must submit to the school district’s supervision and review per the homeschool law.

While purporting to leave the religious exemption in place, the Board was seeking to require all homeschoolers to comply with the public school regulatory alternative. Thus, the religious exemption would be an empty shell. That is a de facto repeal. And the Board members spoke in error to say to the contrary.

Finally, how can a government entity take taxpayers’ money to lobby for removal of the existing rights of citizens. That is unconstitutional in spirit and deed.

Michael Farris, Purcellville

[The writer is the founder of the Home School Legal Defense Association and Patrick Henry College.]


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