Loudoun Planning Commission Endorses Round Hill Water Tower

The Loudoun County Planning Commission has signed off on the Town of Round Hill’s plans for a new water tower and cell phone antennae off Yatton Road near Sleeter Lake.

The plans call for a 165-foot, 500,000-gallon water tower, including equipment to mount antenna on top, about 0.4 miles south of the town boundary. Consultant Keith Lane, of Peed and Bortz LLC, said the town has been on “borrowed time” operating with only one water tower.

“A second tank has really been part of the planning process for the town really for at least 15 years or so,” Lane said. “And so what that will do for the town is increase reliability of their water system. That existing Evening Star tank has been in Round Hill for nearly 20 years, and is in need for some rehabilitation work that’s going to require taking that tank offline for a while.”

Once, he said, the town had a second tank, but that’s been out service since the early 2000s. Now the Evening Star tank, on the north side of town, is Round Hill’s has only remaining water tower. He said the town uses about 300,000 gallons of water a day.

“The way it was explained to me … if the Evening Star tank is out of commission, we won’t be able to put a fire out in Round Hill, because we will not have the pressure,” said Town Administrator Melissa Hynes.

The second tank could also help the water system’s reliability on the southern end of town, Lane said, where a single water line break could take out service for a “significant” number of homes strung along a single stretch of waterpipe.

Nearby resident Tom Morris said not enough had been done to notify people living in the area about the town’s plans.

“They’re all going to get the luxury of looking at that giant tank,” Morris said. “What’s that going to do to the property values? It’s going to devalue them.”

Following the Nov. 27 public hearing, planning commissioners recommended approving the water tower on the condition that the town conduct water quality testing on neighboring property’s wells during construction. The commission voted 8-0-1, with Commissioner Dan Lloyd (Sterling) absent.

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